Hudson Stage Company, Armonk NY

by David Auburn

Directed by Dan Foster

Sound Design by Garrett Hood

Scenic Design by Steven C. Kemp

Costume Design by Leslie Bernstein

Lighting Design by Karen Spahn

Proof is the story of Catherine, a young woman dealing with the death of her mathematician father, her own struggles with mental illness, and the strained relationship with her sister. In her father's quest to discover a new mathematical proof, his famous genius began to deteriorate, leaving many problems for his two daughters to contend with. Catherine, however, goes on to discover the secret he had been looking for the whole time, but she worries she has inherited more than her father's mathematical abilities. In the sound design for Proof, I decided to center all the musical ideas around marimba and piano, which I selected for their percussive yet melodic qualities. The dueling rhythms represent both the mathematical themes of the piece, as well as the push-pull dynamic between father and daughter.


This piece introduces the instrumentation for the rest of the play. It showcases staccato piano, underscored with marimba hits that interplay with the melody.

It is the beginning of Catherine's own genius beginning to sneak up on her father's legacy.

Proof Scene 1 - Garrett Hood
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Proof Act 2 - Garrett Hood
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Another example of the interplay between piano and marimba, this time coming as the action begins for the second act.

This is one of the jazzier, more playful melodies in the show.

Proof Theme - Garrett Hood
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As the story comes to a close, Catherine sits down with Hal to explain how she came up with the mathematical proof.

As she does, the piano and marimba melody returns and culminates in its full version with bass and drums, as the lights fade.