Hudson Stage Company, Armonk NY

59E59 Theaters, New York NY

Directed by Dan Foster

Sound Design by Garrett Hood

Scenic Design by James Fenton

Costume Design by Charlotte Palmer-Lane

Lighting Design by Andrew Gmoser

by Joanna Murray-Smith

Switzerland is the semi-biographical fictional tale of Patricia Highsmith, who lives in obscurity in the Swiss Alps. A young man from her publisher is tasked with going to Highsmith and convincing her to write a final Ripley novel before her death. Their battle of wits and murderous innuendos take center stage in a world premier U.S. production that included a host of jazz-influenced but gothic inspired original music. Saxophones and percussive metallic noises underscore the action all the way to its thrilling final scene.


As the story comes to an end, we understand the true nature of Edward and Highsmith's relationship. This piece underscored the final moment of the show--the murder.

Switzerland-Final Moment - Garrett Hood
00:00 / 00:00
Switzerland Act 2 - Garrett Hood
00:00 / 00:00

This track underscores a long scene transition after Highsmith playfully threatens Edward at the end of act one. 

It introduces percussive metallic sounds as a contrary force to the smooth saxophone and eerie bass clarinet sounds.