My Attic Wife

Ohio University, Hahne Studio Theater

by Anthony Donald Kochensparger

Directed by Aurora Held

Sound Design by Garrett Hood

Scenic Design by Emmy Weldon

Costume Design by Bradley Wehrle

Lighting Design by Matthew Wilson

My Attic Wife is a play that focuses on the relationship between a father and son, and what happens between them when the young boy discovers a girl living in the attic. This was a sonically stylized production, for which I composed a number of variations on a central thematic piece of music. In addition, the sound design focused on a sequence of screams heard throughout the show, and their relation to one another.

My Attic Wife - Opening Theme
00:00 / 00:00

This piece was a conceptual overture for the rest of the play. It played in conjunction with a movement based piece that included the tableau pictured to the left. Near the end of the piece, a scream is heard as the sounds descend into disharmony. This first scream sets the tone for the rest of the show to come.

photo by Bradley Wehrle

My Attic Wife - Full Scream Sequence
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This is the culmination of a series of screams the listener has heard throughout the show. It includes all nine individual screams heard previously at different moments, which combine to form this final sequence at the distinctive and unsettling climax.

photo by Linsi McCall