Swimming in the Shallows

Ohio University, Baker Theater

by Adam Bock

Directed by David Haugen

Sound Design by Garrett Hood

Scenic & Lighting Design by Felicia Hall

Costume Design by Katherine Behrens

Projections Design by Julian Stapleton

Swimming in the Shallows is an exploration of modern relationships, which includes the budding relationship between a man and a shark. This production presented a new and unique challenge for me, because the director wanted to incorporate an element of live music. My approach was to write music I could control all aspects of on my own--live. As the sound designer, composer, and performing musician, I created and performed numerous pieces for guitar, piano, and electronic synthesizer.

For our production, the director chose to add a shadow-play movement piece to the beginning of the show. The video is a short clip of the opening of the show, as well as the final moment of the show, where the thematic music makes another appearance.

(Full audio recording)

Swimming in the Shallows - Overture
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At the conclusion of the play, Carla Carla and Donna are finally married, and there is a triumphant dance break. This is the energetic, guitar-based surf rock track that I composed and performed during the show.

(Full audio recording)

Swimming in the Shallows - Wedding Dance
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(Full audio recording)

This is an example of another style of music I wrote for the show. This piece supported Barb's disillusioned monologue about the dump.

Swimming in the Shallows - The Dump
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